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Career Opportunities for a International Business & Social Entrepreneurship Graduate

  • Social entrepreneurship: Graduates can start their own social enterprises, using their international business skills to tackle social and environmental problems while generating profits.

  • Corporate social responsibility: Graduates can work for companies that focus on social responsibility, ethical business practices, and sustainability.

  • Nonprofit and advocacy work: Organizations focused on social justice and global development may hire individuals with a degree in international business and social entrepreneurship to work as advocates, community organizers, or policy analysts.

  • International development: Graduates can work in international development agencies to help develop, implement and evaluate programs aimed at promoting social and economic development in low and middle-income countries.

  • Management consulting: Individuals can work for consulting firms, advising companies on international business strategies and practices.

  • International trade: Graduates can work in the field of international trade, helping companies to import and export goods and services across borders.

  • Investment banking: Individuals can work for investment banks that specialize in international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and global capital markets.

  • Diplomacy and foreign relations: Graduates can work in the field of diplomacy, foreign policy, and international organizations, promoting trade, development, and peaceful cooperation between nations.

  • Supply chain management: Individuals can work in supply chain management, overseeing the movement of goods and services across international borders.

  • Sustainable tourism: Graduates can work in the field of sustainable tourism, promoting responsible travel practices and working with local communities to develop tourism as a means of economic development.

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