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Career Opportunities for a Counseling Psychology Graduate

  • Clinical counseling: Graduates can work in private practice or in clinics, counseling individuals, couples, or families on a variety of issues such as mental health, relationships, or life transitions.

  • School counseling: Graduates can work in K-12 schools, providing guidance and counseling to students, helping them with academic, social, and emotional challenges.

  • Substance abuse counseling: Individuals can work in substance abuse treatment centers, helping individuals and families to overcome addiction and substance abuse.

  • Marriage and family therapy: Graduates can work as marriage and family therapists, helping couples and families to address relationship issues, communication problems, and other family-related challenges.

  • Crisis counseling: Individuals can work in emergency or crisis situations, such as natural disasters, traumatic events, or critical incidents, providing counseling and support to affected individuals and communities.

  • Geriatric counseling: Graduates can work with older adults, providing counseling services to help address age-related issues such as caregiving, retirement, and health concerns.

  • Rehabilitation counseling: Individuals can work in rehabilitation centers or hospitals, helping individuals with disabilities to overcome physical, emotional, and psychological barriers to improve their quality of life.

  • Forensic psychology: Graduates can work in the legal system, providing counseling services to individuals involved in legal cases, such as victims, offenders, or witnesses.

  • Military counseling: Individuals can work as military counselors, providing counseling services to service members and their families, helping them cope with the unique challenges and stressors associated with military life.

  • Academic counseling: Graduates can work in higher education, providing counseling services to college and university students, helping them with academic, career, and personal challenges.

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