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Our mission is to grow a distinctive and innovative learning community committed to preparing students to live on-mission for Christ, locally and globally. 

Our vision is to become a beacon of light, a global hub for Christian responses to societal issues such as injustice, extreme poverty, and human trafficking. Through our comprehensive educational programs, we seek to empower students with the necessary tools to discover and implement sustainable solutions to economic disparities, cultivate a deep sense of empathy and compassion, become influential social-entrepreneurs, eradicate exploitation, tackle pandemics, celebrate the arts, and ultimately share the hope of Jesus Christ across the globe.

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Our objective is to be a unique Christian college that prepares students, through a a comprehensive education that integrates biblical studies, academic disciplines, and liberal arts, to positively impact and bring healing to the world's most marginalized people and communities.

At the heart of our education philosophy is the commitment to the historic Liberal Arts disciplines, such as Literature, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Science, Music, Linguistics, and The Arts. We embrace an interactive, Socratic approach to learning that emphasizes critical thinking and the integration of ideas, not just the accumulation of information.

As a Christ-centered institution, we view education as a transformative process that seeks to develop mature followers of Christ both spiritually and academically. Our philosophy of education aims to integrate faith and learning, culminating in a deeper understanding of one's purpose and calling.

Our missional focus is global, and we endeavor to prepare students to think and live with a outward-facing perspective, guiding them towards developing nations and desperate places where they can make a meaningful difference. We strive to create opportunities for students to engage with their local and global communities, aligning with Christ-centered, Biblically grounded values.

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