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Our mission is to grow a distinctive and innovative learning community committed to preparing students to live on-mission for Christ, locally and globally. 

We aspire to become a global center for a Christian response to issues of injustice, extreme poverty, and human trafficking. Our aim is to prepare students to discover solutions to the problems of economic disparity, promote sustainability, champion compassion, become social-entrepreneurs, end exploitation, respond to pandemics, value the arts, and share the hope of Jesus Christ everywhere.

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Our objective is to be a unique Christian college that prepares students, through a liberal arts education, biblical studies, and the academic disciplines, to bring healing and hope to the world’s most desperate people and places.  

Liberal Arts:
We are committed to offering an education centered on the historic Liberal Arts disciplines: Literature, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Science, Music, Linguistics, and The Arts; marked by Socratic, interactive learning. A liberal arts education is about learning to think, not simply about accumulating information. Learners are challenged to think critically and to integrate ideas.  

Philosophy of Education: 
The goal of Christ-centered higher education is to create classroom and life experiences which transform learners into mature followers of Christ. Our aim is the spiritual transformation of college students, not simply the transfer of information. Our focus is both spiritual and academic, because at the heart of a Christ-centered education is the integration of faith and learning.         



  • Preparing students to think and live globally, to live with an outward focus 

  • Purposely pointing students toward developing nations and desperate places 

  • Engaging the community locally and globally

  • Following Christ Centered, Biblically grounded, Christian values 

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