Classes begin on June 6th and end on July 31st.


Are you looking to continue your education from the comfort of your home or anywhere you can get wifi? Look no further! Justice College has classes beginning on June 6th and will conclude on July 31st. Below are a list of classes offered and descriptions of each class. All courses will be taught using Canvas. Justice College prides itself on being one of the most affordable colleges in all of Arizona, each class is only $250 per credit! If you are a current student please email with the classes you would like to enroll into, and they will be added to your student portal. If you are a new student, please fill out the application below to register for online classes today!

BUS100 – Introduction to Business - 3 credits

This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of economics as well as a global perspective on economics. This course provides a foundation for practicing business from a Christian perspective, focusing on more than turning a profit. Topics include starting a business, business management, marketing, accounting, finance, and technology. 

JUS100 – Theology of Compassion & Justice - 3 credits

This course reviews the biblical foundation for compassion and traces the Church’s theological interpretation and practical application of compassion throughout history. Students will study the heroes of justice and compassion through history. The course will provide grounding for understanding the connection between spiritual formation and justice. This course also establishes the biblical foundation for social justice and compassion; from the Pentateuch to Christ. Students will study the heroes of justice and compassion through history. The course will provide grounding for understanding the connection between spiritual formation and justice, and the necessity of doing justice and compassion today.

SPF100  – Spiritual Formation & Soul Care - 3 credits

This course focuses on how the Holy Spirit equips God’s people for service, a development of a plan for lifelong spiritual growth, and appreciation for the historic spiritual disciplines. Drawing on the fields of cognitive development, moral development, and physical development, this course will focus on the process of spiritual development; how it happens in identifiable, sequential stages (i.e. James Fowler).  Learners will also unpack the five aspects of the human personality—cognitive, physical, affective, moral, and relational—and discover how each contributes to our spiritual formation. 

PSY100 – Psychology of Personal Development - 3 credits

This course provides students with basic knowledge of psychology in order to better understand the psychological needs of people, how to understand human behavior and how to deal with interpersonal problems while integrating Christianity and Psychology. A Biblical view of human beings, their behavior and their relationship to learning is the starting point of the course. 

BUS110 – Principles of Leadership - 3 credits

This course provides students with the opportunity to engage in Christian leadership practice in order to integrate these insights into an effective and informed and integrated philosophy of servant leadership. In this course, the student investigates some of the most helpful principles and people in the Bible and in contemporary leadership roles regarding the practice and the concept of leadership and organizational leadership. 

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