In addition to weekly chapels, students are invited to join Reconcile on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm. Reconcile is The Grove’s college and young-adult ministry. Enjoy student-led worship and powerful talks from Nathan Hughes, all while making new friends. Nate Hughes has been leading Reconcile for 7 years at The Grove. He is a seasoned Pastor who inspires students to be on fire for Christ and create change in the community. 


Let your creative side flourish at Justice College. Our 40 acre campus features its own art studio and recording studio. Justice College values the arts and believes that art and music helps students express their feelings and thoughts, leading to positive change in a students life. 


Located in the heart of Justice College, Grove Coffee is open seven days a week and has lounge areas inside and out. It invites their guests to stay for awhile and relax, making it the perfect place to catch up with a friend or write a paper! Grove Coffee serves locally roasted organic coffee, with a premium line of syrups and specialty drinks.


  • Hungry? Grab a fresh muffin or cinnamon roll with your coffee

  • Feeling stuck? Be inspired by the local art galleries that rotate every month

  • Bored? Purchase a book from renowned authors and grow your faith and knowledge


Do you have a green thumb? Justice College is lush campus with hundreds of pistachio trees, pine trees, and its own large community garden that welcomes church members and students to grow their own food. This welcoming community helps build friendships and life long skills. 


In-person modern classrooms helps students stay focused during class, it gives students the ability to engage with professors and get to know their classmates. This is why Justice College prefers in-person classrooms in lieu of online learning. Apply today to see how our engaging classroom style is changing the lives of the next generation of students.


Justice College has five residential halls for student housing located on the college’s 36 acre campus. Each residence has a fully functional kitchen, multiple bathrooms, study areas, and common areas. Also, perfect for the Arizona fall and spring, the student housing grounds has a large swimming pool, as well as a grilling area, pergola, and weight room. Housing is offered at an affordable price, only $2,500 per semester.