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Justice College offers five unique majors to choose from; International Business, Social Justice, Christian Ministries, Counseling Psychology, and Educational Studies. All majors are 4-year Bachelor of Arts degrees; Justice College is licensed by The State of Arizona to grant B.A Degrees and are candidates for accreditation through TRACS. (Transnational Association of Christians Colleges and Schools)

Justice College offers an on-campus educational experience. Our goal is to provide a liberal arts education that features an interactive classroom experience with reasonable teacher-to-student ratios, allowing students to receive a better-quality education with more personal attention from their professors. We emphasize academic collaboration among students, and promote a healthy, vibrant campus life.

This program is built to prepare students to lead economic development efforts in underdeveloped nations and give students the skills to become social-entrepreneurs, launch micro-economic programs, green business practices, promote sustainability, initiate fair trade, and help give workers world-wide the dignity and value they deserve.

The Social Justice major focuses on local, national, and global issues of oppression, equality, global development, global health, and poverty; so that learners become informed and equipped to form a response to injustice practices and structures as well as become changemakers for the common good.

This program is designed to deepen your biblical knowledge, teach you practical ministry principles, and prepare you for a lifelong calling by focusing on your spiritual formation. It also prepares you to become a deep theological thinker with a biblical foundation. You will be better equipped to “think theologically” and know how to respond to issues facing today’s Church and society.

The Counseling Psychology program equips students with knowledge and practical skills for general psychology and counseling and introduces learners to the field of mental health; all taught from a Christian worldview.

The Educational Studies major is designed to provide students a foundational understanding of pedagogy and teach them the ability to think critically about the world around them and their future learners. This program is taught from a Christian perspective, preparing students to be educators in the classroom, church, or professional fields.

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